To discover how a touch of laziness led me to a life-long love of Yoga, read on….

As a child I hated exercise! In boarding school I joined orchestras and choirs to avoid the dreaded netball. And then I discovered Yoga – ‘exercise’ that didn’t require getting wet or cold or going outside on damp November evenings!
I practised while studying for A levels – it gave me stamina for long study sessions and kept me clear and calm for exams.
I practised in my 20’s and lost a lot of excess weight – mainly through relaxation techniques…
Gradually I realised that Yoga was much more than exercise.  I loved the postures (asanas) slow, gentle and mindful movements that seemed to respect and support my body’s natural range of movement. However, as well as feeling physically comfortable and at ease I began to appreciate the mental clarity and emotional equilibrium that followed even a little practice.
As my studies continued I discovered that Yoga is in fact an ancient wisdom tradition. The yogis of 3,000 years ago were addressing questions such ‘what are the causes of human suffering and how can this suffering be reduced?’ Amazingly their answers were uncannily similar to the ‘discoveries’ of psychology and neuroscience today!
So, while Yoga practice usually starts with the body, putting a foot on the mat is very much a first step. But even this first step can yield enormous benefits such as:

Increased mobility and physical ease
Better breathing
A more robust immune system
Improved circulation
Relief from pain, particularly backache
Help with chronic conditions eg high blood pressure and migraine headaches
Mental clarity and emotional balance
Improved sleep
Help with addictions eg. food, alcohol, drugs
Improved ability to handle stress

Whatever your specific goals – from firming the abs, to coping more easily with stress, to  exploring deeply what it means to be human – yoga is a great way to becoming a healthier and happier human being!

Personally I find a daily practice of Yoga to be an invaluable support – it is a reliable source of nourishment and stability whatever is going on in my life. Having studied lots of disciplines – Mindfulness, Stress Management, Reflexology, Circle Dance –  Yoga remains my core practice – my most reliable port in any storm!

Individual Tuition
Yoga was traditionally taught one-to-one so that it could be adapted to suit the needs and circumstances of each individual. While group classes tend to be the norm these days, one-to-one is a great way to learn, and to enjoy the support of the teacher in discovering how Yoga can help you meet your goals for health and personal growth.

If you need further details about group classes or one-to-one, or if you just  wish to discuss how Yoga might help support you in your current circumstances, you can call me on 086 8120332


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