Since I first stepped on a Yoga mat somewhere back in the late 1960’s(!), I’ve been involved in body-mind approaches to health and well being. On this site you’ll find information about the many ways in which my work has developed….
If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, please give me a call 086 8120332. 

There are many approaches to yoga – the  emphasis may be on developing strength and aerobic fitness, on the achievement of certain yoga postures or at the other end of the spectrum the goal may be deep levels of relaxation – all of these have their benefits and may be exactly what a person needs at a particular time.
I tend to teach somewhat differently, putting  emphasis on Yoga’s potential to bring calm and order to the nervous system. Rather than aiming to achieve particular yoga postures, I encourage a sense of curiosity and an exploration of where it’s possible to experience spaciousness and ease within the body. I encourage a quality of gentle, even compassionate attention to moment to moment experience, and do my best to offer this in an atmosphere of calm, safety and pleasure…just what the nervous system needs! 

I work with individuals helping them to explore ways to mange and reduce the symptoms of trauma and accumulated stress.  Persistent problems with digestion, sleep, mood swings, chronic pain, anxiety or depression are often the result of nervous system dysregulation. As a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), I can work with you to restore your nervous system’s natural capacity for regulation, thus resolving many of the symptoms listed above.
If you’re curious about how this work might help you, do get in touch.
(More information about Somatic Experiencing  coming soon….)

Having taught the 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) for a number of years, these days I tend to integrate mindfulness practice into everything I do, rather than teach it as a separate discipline.
I offer occasional one-day Mindfulness workshops which will be listed in 
Current Events and Diary 

Relaxing foot massage to support health and well being
By appointment – call me for details.

My regular work is in the
Monaghan / Cavan / Fermanagh area, but I’m happy to travel further afield when invited to lead one-day or weekend workshops. 
If you’ve any questions about how my work might support you or your group, do give me a call 086 8120332. 

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