This is a gentle healing art, dating back to ancient India, China and Egypt. Based on the premise that each part of the person is reflected in the feet, the Reflexologist is trained to see the feet as a map of the body. Using a range of pressure and massage techniques, all of the body’s organs and indeed the whole person can be treated.  The treatments lead to a deep sense of relaxation of body, mind and emotions in which the person’s own healing resources get to work to restore ease and balance.

Reflexology is suitable for all ages and for every stage of life. It has been known to help with many acute and chronic conditions such as migraine headaches, backache, constipation, stomach problems, sleep disturbances, fatigue and of course any conditions which are exacerbated by stress. While a Reflexologist is not qualified to diagnose any medical condition, nor will they undertake to ‘cure’ anything, many doctors, consultants and other health care professionals recognize Reflexology as a well established and respected therapy.

A treatment lasts about an hour. You will be asked to remove just shoes and socks and lie down either on a massage table or a very comfortable recliner. After that is sheer bliss! Many people fall asleep and nearly everybody slips into a delightful state of relaxation. Afterwards you may feel very relaxed or you may feel very pleasantly energised. One way or another it is best to think in advance and allow yourself some ‘slow time’ afterwards so you can really savour the calming nourishment of this lovely therapy!

To book yourself in for a treat, just give me a call on 086 8120332…

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