Time for Resilience

Welcome! Please read on for details on all of above…

The bad news is that trauma is a fact of life
The good news is that so is resilience.
Simply stated, resilience is the capacity we all possess to rebound from stress and the feelings of fear, helplessness and overwhelm

Peter A Levine
Founder of Somatic Experiencing

What a time it’s been…
I do hope you’re keeping well in a world that continues to be dominated by Covid 19.
It’s been such a challenging time. We’ve had to adapt to so many changes….in how we live, work, shop, connect with friends and family. Many of the ‘stability zones’ that kept us sane, such as meeting friends, going to the gym, the weekly yoga class or reading group, attending church, family gatherings have been severely curtailed. And of course coming out of lock-down was always going to be more tricky than going in (…now there’s an understatement!)

Amidst the ongoing confusion of spreading virus and ever-changing regulations, coming up with some kind of Autumn programme has been a challenge – many days of dithering and indecision mixed the odd moment of deep and clear thinking! I’ve been torn between the inclination to just go on lying low or to get out there and offer something that might be help with the challenges we’re all facing … a lot of soul searching has gone on and I have finally come up with a programme ….
But first I’d love you to watch a short video message which explains where I’m coming from in my offerings for the rest of the year…

Do have a listen to hear about three strands of what I’m offering to support you in nurturing your innate capacity to live with ease and vitality – even in the strangest of times!

In the video I mentioned two aspects of resilience:
1. Turning inwards to rediscover and nurture you own inner resources, and
2. Turning outwards to connect in meaningful ways with supportive and like-minded others
I’d like to emphasize that it’s not a case of either / or; we need both!
Resilience is partly, but not entirely an inside job. Human beings are wired for connection, and our first instinct in a crisis is to look for support from other human beings…..
My sincere hope is that this challenging time may be an opportunity for you to come home to what is strong and resilient in you and that you find whoever and whatever you need to support you to live with confidence and ease even in these strangest of times.

If there’s something in the above programme which grabs your interest, do get in touch with me either for more details or to book a place / make an appointment. Particularly if you’re finding the going tough and you feel the stress of these times is affecting your overall sense of well being, I’ll be happy to have a chat with you about how you might support your own resilience during this challenging time- and how I might be of help.

No one can do this work for you, but you can’t do it on your own

Peter A Levine
Founder of Somatic Experiencing

Everyone deserves a day away!

‘Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for’
Maya Angelou

Another opportunity to give yourself a well-deserved day away!
One Day Retreat in Canal Stores, Clones on Sat 22 February.
A leisurely blend of gentle movement, guided stillness, lovely surroundings and like-minded company – what’s not to enjoy?
Details as above.
Booking is essential as I like to keep the group small – usually 10 to 12.
Contact me on 086 8120332, or maireadflynn8@gmail.com





A gift of relaxation…

A Gift of Relaxation

Might be just the perfect gift for someone you love!
And… might reduce your stress levels as the big day approaches – one more you can tick off your list!
In a recent conversation someone suggested I should offer Gift Tokens …hadn’t really thought about it, but given the time of year I decided to act quickly;
I got these beautiful cards printed so that ….
If you’d like to treat someone to a One Day Retreat, a series of Yoga Classes,
a One-to-one Yoga Session or a Stress Management Consultation…I can help!
You can spend anything from 10 to 100 euros which the lucky recipient can use as payment or part payment for a series of Yoga Classes, a One Day Retreat, a One-to-one Yoga Session, or a Stress Management Consultation

I can send you the card by post / drop it off for you to collect somewhere in Monaghan or Clones / or I can send you an email version if that suits better.
How will you pay me? I’m not quite sure…I can probably send you an Invoice by Paypal if you have an account (or are willing to set one up)…Or you can pay me next time we meet…Christmas is nearly upon us so let’s not worry about trifles…

Lot’s of wholesome goodies coming up in the New Year …so straight after posting this, I’ll update my ‘Diary’ page so you can see what’s on offer.
Lest you get there before me I can tell you what’s happening in January:
‘Relax, Recharge, Renew’ a One Day Mindfulness and Yoga Retreat on Sat 18th in Canal Stores Clones
New session of 10 Yoga Classes starting Thursday 23rd, 7 – 8.30pm, also Canal Stores

But more on all of this later…
Meanwhile, I hope you are well as the festive season approaches…I hope you have some beautiful time with family and friends, enjoy the razzle dazzle to whatever extent you’re into all of that….and hope you get some nourishing and restorative downtime as well!
Wishing you lots of festive love,

Yoga restarting Thurs 23 Jan, 2020

‘We practise yoga so we can live in the world without losing touch with what is deep inside’      Peter Hersnack 1948-2016

Looking forward to new term in Canal Stores: Thurs 23 Jan, 7.00 to 8.30pm

What kind of Yoga?
Those of you who know my teaching will know that I tend to emphasise Yoga’s potential to bring calm and order to the nervous system. Rather than aiming to achieve particular postures, I encourage a sense of curiosity and an exploration of how it’s possible to find spaciousness and ease within the body; a quality of gentle, even compassionate attention to moment to moment experience. I do my best to offer this in an atmosphere of calm, safety and pleasure…with a view to supporting nervous regulation.

Lest all of that sounds a bit nebulous I assure you that this gentle way of working yields very real benefits….and if you’re thinking of investing your time and energy, you can quite rightly expect some changes for the better!
The benefits of practising in this calm unhurried way include:

  •  greater physical ease and mobility / less muscle tension
  •  healthier breathing patterns
  •  a more robust immune system
  •  reduced pain – particularly backache
  •  better regulation of chronic conditions – such as high blood pressure, migraine headaches
  • improved sleep
  •  greater mental clarity, emotional balance and improved ability to handle stress

I could go on, but I think you get the gist … it’s good for you!
Truth is that difficulties in the categories listed above are always in part due to nervous system dysregulation (something to do with our frazzled lifestlyes?), therefore supporting our nervous system back to regulation is really a no-brainer!

As I think ahead to this term phrases that are showing up for me are ‘finding ease in movement and in stillness’, ‘peaceful embodiment’ …and Peter’s words ‘learning to live in the world without losing touch with what is deep inside’
It’s going to be calming, nourishing, restorative – can’t wait to get started!

Venue: Canal Stores Clones
Starting: Thurs 23 January, 2020
Time: 7.00 to 8.30
Cost: €100 for 10 weeks
Booking is essential…especially as I’m doing only one class this term.
You can contact me on 086 8120332 or maireadflynn8@gmail.com
Enquiries / Questions? Love to hear from you…






A Day of Mindfulness, 22 June

Purple flowers
Need to stop the world and give yourself a little space?
Then this day’s for you!

Taking time to do a range of core mindfulness practices: seated and walking meditation, body scan, compassionate self awareness, this will be a day of nourishing practice and restorative rest.

There’ll also be time to reflect on your practice experiences, ask any questions you have about the known benefits or mindfulness, or how to set up and maintain a regular home practice…but the emphasis will be on leisure, rest and restoration.
I can feel my body easing into it already
…and I’m just writing the words!

If you need some serious rest and restoration …. be there!
Hopefully you’ll go home feeling renewed, restored and ready to build some of this truly supportive practice into your daily life.

Practical Details
Venue: Canal Stores, Clones
Cost: €40 (Includes morning break, but not lunch)
Lunch: You can bring a snack with you, or buy lunch in the café upstairs
Times: 10am to 4pm
Booking: Essential
Contact me: maireadflynn8@gmail.com; or call / text 086 8120332

Finding Ease in Turbulent Times: new dates…

Alas, stormy times scuppered our plans to ‘find ease in turbulent times’ on March 3rd….but let’s have another go on March 24, and indeed on April 21!
Enthused as I am by the content of this workshop, during the pause (compliments of snowy days in the house), I’ve decided to offer it twice! Most of the people who were booked first time around are hoping to reschedule for Sat March 24, but not everyone can…
So there are a few places available for March 24!
If you’re good for March 24th and feel ready for a day of supportive space, nourishing practice and good company…I’d be delighted to hear from you! And actually soon would be good….

March 24 not good? There’s another opportunity to join again on
Sat 21 April…no rush, but bookings are open from now.

Probably a distant memory now, but I do hope you weathered the storm without too much hardship….hopefully it offered you a few days rest to help restore the spring in your step!

Finding Ease in Turbulent Times, new dates

A Day of Mindfulness on Sat 16 September…

At last a day of mindfulness is in the pipeline!
I have been busy all summer moving house – its reputation for being one of life’s most stressful events is well earned! But I’m moved and settling in nicely…
While that has mopped up all my energy, there has been a steady stream of enquiries about when there’ll be a Mindfulness event. So apologies for those who have been patiently waiting. Finally the moment has come!
All details are on the poster below, but I’d love to hear from you if you need a bit more information…