Nourishing Movement, Nourishing Stillness…

Online yoga restarts Monday 12th and Wednesday 14th September

I look forward to new classes starting next week!

Using gentle movement, breath and sound the intention for these classes is to support you in nurturing a resilient and well-regulated nervous system.
This is important because the nervous system regulates so many aspects of our well being:
sleep, digestion, elimination, muscle tone, breathing and heart rhythm, level of inflammation, emotional balance, availability for social connection, capacity to respond to stress…
Yes they’re all regulated by the nervous system and any or all of them can be knocked out of sync by trauma or accumulated stress… you probably don’t need me to tell you that!
But the good news is that a carefully crafted yoga practice can help restore nervous system regulation and help all of the above back to optimal function…yoga can be a very good investment of your time!

If you’re new to yoga and if you’re wondering what these classes will be like (and of course there are many different approaches to yoga) – here are a few pointers so you know what to expect:

  • We tend to work slowly and gently with an emphasis on developing body awareness rather than achieving a particular yoga posture
  • You’ll be encouraged to do only what’s comfortable for you – stay curious about what you’re experiencing rather than fretting about what you ‘should’ be doing
  • We often add sound to movement as this can enhance the regulating effect of breath – but don’t worry…you’ll be muted so you can make as much or as little sound as you wish!
  • We spend most of the class exploring movement with guided rests every so often (that’s where the ‘nourishing stillness’ comes in), and usually end with seated breathing or a short meditative practice

I like to think the classes offer a friendly, easy and safe space where you can find nourishment and connection to support you in whatever you happen to be dealing with in your life – and we’re pretty much always dealing with something!

My contact details are below – I’d love to hear from you whether you need more information or want to book yourself a place….

086 8120332 /

Online Yoga restarts Monday 10th – can’t wait!!!

If every cloud has a silver lining, then for me the silver lining of the whole Covid era has been teaching Yoga online. Given that in March 2020 I had never been on a Zoom call, I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying my regular online classes – and the feedback I’ve been getting from the lovely people who attend has been wonderfully encouraging! I compiled some of the words and experiences that have come back to me from participants over the last year or so:

All for a very affordable price – €30 for 6 sessions!

The emphasis on these classes is on being present to yourself just as you are in this moment – we are cultivating the capacity for ’embodied self awareness’ which is known to have profound benefits for physical, mental and emotional well being. We work gently with movement, breath and sound – finding ways to work with ease and pleasure rather than achieving any particular standard of ‘correctness’ in the yoga postures. Because this approach favours exploration and curiosity over performance we can welcome newcomers at any time. People who have been coming longer will notice ‘progress’ in their capacity to be present and aware of their experience moment to moment; and of-course because we are working mainly with movement they will notice improvements in mobility, strength and physical ease. But someone joining for the very first time is also likely to experience and enhanced sense of ease and well being.

I’d love to see you there! I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions at all either about the content of the classes or the technology involved. I’ll even do a Zoom rehearsal with you if you’re not sure how that works – I’m not exactly a tech wizard myself so I’m patient with learners!
Contact details below … I look forward to hearing from you!

And we’re back in the room! Real ‘live’ yoga restarts on Thursday…

Hello my friends – a very quick update.
After waiting so long, I’m thrilled to welcome yoga students old and new back to Canal Stores this Thursday 23 September. As usual the emphasis is on working with ease, gently cultivating mindful attention to breath and body. Working in this way we can reduce stress, build resilience and restore balance to mind and nervous system. The classes are suitable for anyone, but space is limited so get in touch soon!

And if you’ve become a dedicated ‘zoomie’ and like working from home, do see previous post about online classes – you can still join Mondays at 10am and Wednesdays 7.30pm on Zoom

Love to hear from you!

Last! Online Yoga classes resume Monday and Wednesday…

I can’t honestly say that Yoga has helped my organisational skills – yes these classes start the day after tomorrow!
But do scroll down beneath the poster to hear how others have been enjoying the classes…

And very reasonably priced – just €30 for 6 weekly sessions!

the physical and mental nourishment through the guided practice of postures and breathing was a balm to the soul

what I have found particularly helpful is the quality of Mairead’s presence and her intentionality. Each weeks practice is just enough to enjoy and not to become overloaded. There is a progression to the movements and the depth of her knowledge of anatomy and nervous system sparks my curiosity. Her presence online invites us to be gentle with ourselves and to value time for rest and deactivation during the session. In short Mairead is one of Ireland’s best kept yoga secrets….so come and join us, but don’t tell too many!

Mairead’s yoga classes are an oasis of calm, wisdom and focus. I’m finding them fun and invaluable learning for lifelong skills to nurture body and soul. These classes are one thing I’m not ‘zoomed out ‘ about

a lovely mix of yoga and mindfulness. So relaxing and nourishing. It’s also great not to have to leave the house on a cold wet evening!

I’d love to see you on the mat Monday or Wednesday!
Do feel free to contact me over the weekend if you want to book a place of have a question relating to the classes. And if you’re still a little ‘zoom hesitant’ I’ll be happy to arrange a practice run to support you with the technology – if I can find my way around it, anybody can.

Contact details: Call me 086 8120332 Email:

More important than ever!

Self care, self nourishment, self support are more important than ever!

When the world around us is in chaos, it’s more important than ever to find some sense of inner balance…

When we have less sense of agency in the outside world, it’s more important than ever to discover a sense of agency within – that we can actually do things (easy and enjoyable things!) to change our physical state….

And this is where Yoga can serve us so well… gentle movement explorations with breath and sound can have a deeply regulating effect on the nervous system … reminding us what it’s like to feel at ease.

This term the emphasis is on learning ways to soothe, calm and nourish.
Join me! Classes start Monday morning and Wednesday evening

Starting this week…looking after yourself and helping others through the winter!

Quick reminder of two new courses starting this week…..

Image may contain: text that says "Online Yoga Mondays 10am 1.15am starts Mon 9 Nov Wednesdays 7.00 8.15pm 8 re-starts Wed 4 Nov 6 weeks: €30 Nurturing body mind and heart from the comfort of home! Mairead: 086 8120332 Small classes: Smallclasses:BookingEssential Booking Essential"

Well, actually the Wednesday class started last week…but Monday 10-11.15 starts tomorrow.
Suitable for everybody – great start to the week!

And something very dear to my heart…

‘Resources for Resilience’ on 4 Tuesday evenings
Starting this week, Tues 10th, 7 – 8pm

Donation Based: All donations to Peter Mc Verry Trust

As we get deeper into winter, I am delighted to be able to share Yoga and other self-care courses on Zoom.
Despite the fact that we’d really rather meet in a room, it is such a luxury to be able to continue these nourishing events from the warmth, safety and comfort of home – no drafty halls, no frosty roads!
And yet, not everyone has these luxuries of a warm, safe place to practice yoga – never mind just a safe place to sleep, and an address to organise your life around!

I took the plunge last weekend to organise my first Facebook Fundraiser and I was amazed that within hours we had reached our target of €150 for Peter McVerry Trust – Thank you generous people!
But why stop there – there’s still time to join and still time to donate, so we can raise even more for this very worthy cause…

The deal is that I’m offering a short course….’Resources for Resilience’
I’m inviting you to join me in a range of easy and enjoyable body/mind practices for reducing stress and building resilience. Donation based, all funds go directly for Peter McVerry Trust.
If you’d like to join please just email me, and I’ll send you the Zoom link each Tuesday evening.
If you wish to Donate then you can do that on my Facebook page which I hope I can replicate here… and if you’re not in a position to donate right now, you are welcome to join…no doubt you’ll find other ways to ‘pay it on’

To join the course and get the Zoom link each week:

Love to see you soon!


Time for Resilience

Welcome! Please read on for details on all of above…

The bad news is that trauma is a fact of life
The good news is that so is resilience.
Simply stated, resilience is the capacity we all possess to rebound from stress and the feelings of fear, helplessness and overwhelm

Peter A Levine
Founder of Somatic Experiencing

What a time it’s been…
I do hope you’re keeping well in a world that continues to be dominated by Covid 19.
It’s been such a challenging time. We’ve had to adapt to so many changes….in how we live, work, shop, connect with friends and family. Many of the ‘stability zones’ that kept us sane, such as meeting friends, going to the gym, the weekly yoga class or reading group, attending church, family gatherings have been severely curtailed. And of course coming out of lock-down was always going to be more tricky than going in (…now there’s an understatement!)

Amidst the ongoing confusion of spreading virus and ever-changing regulations, coming up with some kind of Autumn programme has been a challenge – many days of dithering and indecision mixed the odd moment of deep and clear thinking! I’ve been torn between the inclination to just go on lying low or to get out there and offer something that might be help with the challenges we’re all facing … a lot of soul searching has gone on and I have finally come up with a programme ….
But first I’d love you to watch a short video message which explains where I’m coming from in my offerings for the rest of the year…

Do have a listen to hear about three strands of what I’m offering to support you in nurturing your innate capacity to live with ease and vitality – even in the strangest of times!

In the video I mentioned two aspects of resilience:
1. Turning inwards to rediscover and nurture you own inner resources, and
2. Turning outwards to connect in meaningful ways with supportive and like-minded others
I’d like to emphasize that it’s not a case of either / or; we need both!
Resilience is partly, but not entirely an inside job. Human beings are wired for connection, and our first instinct in a crisis is to look for support from other human beings…..
My sincere hope is that this challenging time may be an opportunity for you to come home to what is strong and resilient in you and that you find whoever and whatever you need to support you to live with confidence and ease even in these strangest of times.

If there’s something in the above programme which grabs your interest, do get in touch with me either for more details or to book a place / make an appointment. Particularly if you’re finding the going tough and you feel the stress of these times is affecting your overall sense of well being, I’ll be happy to have a chat with you about how you might support your own resilience during this challenging time- and how I might be of help.

No one can do this work for you, but you can’t do it on your own

Peter A Levine
Founder of Somatic Experiencing

Everyone deserves a day away!

‘Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for’
Maya Angelou

Another opportunity to give yourself a well-deserved day away!
One Day Retreat in Canal Stores, Clones on Sat 22 February.
A leisurely blend of gentle movement, guided stillness, lovely surroundings and like-minded company – what’s not to enjoy?
Details as above.
Booking is essential as I like to keep the group small – usually 10 to 12.
Contact me on 086 8120332, or





A gift of relaxation…

A Gift of Relaxation

Might be just the perfect gift for someone you love!
And… might reduce your stress levels as the big day approaches – one more you can tick off your list!
In a recent conversation someone suggested I should offer Gift Tokens …hadn’t really thought about it, but given the time of year I decided to act quickly;
I got these beautiful cards printed so that ….
If you’d like to treat someone to a One Day Retreat, a series of Yoga Classes,
a One-to-one Yoga Session or a Stress Management Consultation…I can help!
You can spend anything from 10 to 100 euros which the lucky recipient can use as payment or part payment for a series of Yoga Classes, a One Day Retreat, a One-to-one Yoga Session, or a Stress Management Consultation

I can send you the card by post / drop it off for you to collect somewhere in Monaghan or Clones / or I can send you an email version if that suits better.
How will you pay me? I’m not quite sure…I can probably send you an Invoice by Paypal if you have an account (or are willing to set one up)…Or you can pay me next time we meet…Christmas is nearly upon us so let’s not worry about trifles…

Lot’s of wholesome goodies coming up in the New Year …so straight after posting this, I’ll update my ‘Diary’ page so you can see what’s on offer.
Lest you get there before me I can tell you what’s happening in January:
‘Relax, Recharge, Renew’ a One Day Mindfulness and Yoga Retreat on Sat 18th in Canal Stores Clones
New session of 10 Yoga Classes starting Thursday 23rd, 7 – 8.30pm, also Canal Stores

But more on all of this later…
Meanwhile, I hope you are well as the festive season approaches…I hope you have some beautiful time with family and friends, enjoy the razzle dazzle to whatever extent you’re into all of that….and hope you get some nourishing and restorative downtime as well!
Wishing you lots of festive love,