Nourishing Movement, Nourishing Stillness…

Online yoga restarts Monday 12th and Wednesday 14th September

I look forward to new classes starting next week!

Using gentle movement, breath and sound the intention for these classes is to support you in nurturing a resilient and well-regulated nervous system.
This is important because the nervous system regulates so many aspects of our well being:
sleep, digestion, elimination, muscle tone, breathing and heart rhythm, level of inflammation, emotional balance, availability for social connection, capacity to respond to stress…
Yes they’re all regulated by the nervous system and any or all of them can be knocked out of sync by trauma or accumulated stress… you probably don’t need me to tell you that!
But the good news is that a carefully crafted yoga practice can help restore nervous system regulation and help all of the above back to optimal function…yoga can be a very good investment of your time!

If you’re new to yoga and if you’re wondering what these classes will be like (and of course there are many different approaches to yoga) – here are a few pointers so you know what to expect:

  • We tend to work slowly and gently with an emphasis on developing body awareness rather than achieving a particular yoga posture
  • You’ll be encouraged to do only what’s comfortable for you – stay curious about what you’re experiencing rather than fretting about what you ‘should’ be doing
  • We often add sound to movement as this can enhance the regulating effect of breath – but don’t worry…you’ll be muted so you can make as much or as little sound as you wish!
  • We spend most of the class exploring movement with guided rests every so often (that’s where the ‘nourishing stillness’ comes in), and usually end with seated breathing or a short meditative practice

I like to think the classes offer a friendly, easy and safe space where you can find nourishment and connection to support you in whatever you happen to be dealing with in your life – and we’re pretty much always dealing with something!

My contact details are below – I’d love to hear from you whether you need more information or want to book yourself a place….

086 8120332 /

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