Last! Online Yoga classes resume Monday and Wednesday…

I can’t honestly say that Yoga has helped my organisational skills – yes these classes start the day after tomorrow!
But do scroll down beneath the poster to hear how others have been enjoying the classes…

And very reasonably priced – just €30 for 6 weekly sessions!

the physical and mental nourishment through the guided practice of postures and breathing was a balm to the soul

what I have found particularly helpful is the quality of Mairead’s presence and her intentionality. Each weeks practice is just enough to enjoy and not to become overloaded. There is a progression to the movements and the depth of her knowledge of anatomy and nervous system sparks my curiosity. Her presence online invites us to be gentle with ourselves and to value time for rest and deactivation during the session. In short Mairead is one of Ireland’s best kept yoga secrets….so come and join us, but don’t tell too many!

Mairead’s yoga classes are an oasis of calm, wisdom and focus. I’m finding them fun and invaluable learning for lifelong skills to nurture body and soul. These classes are one thing I’m not ‘zoomed out ‘ about

a lovely mix of yoga and mindfulness. So relaxing and nourishing. It’s also great not to have to leave the house on a cold wet evening!

I’d love to see you on the mat Monday or Wednesday!
Do feel free to contact me over the weekend if you want to book a place of have a question relating to the classes. And if you’re still a little ‘zoom hesitant’ I’ll be happy to arrange a practice run to support you with the technology – if I can find my way around it, anybody can.

Contact details: Call me 086 8120332 Email:

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