A gift of relaxation…

A Gift of Relaxation

Might be just the perfect gift for someone you love!
And… might reduce your stress levels as the big day approaches – one more you can tick off your list!
In a recent conversation someone suggested I should offer Gift Tokens …hadn’t really thought about it, but given the time of year I decided to act quickly;
I got these beautiful cards printed so that ….
If you’d like to treat someone to a One Day Retreat, a series of Yoga Classes,
a One-to-one Yoga Session or a Stress Management Consultation…I can help!
You can spend anything from 10 to 100 euros which the lucky recipient can use as payment or part payment for a series of Yoga Classes, a One Day Retreat, a One-to-one Yoga Session, or a Stress Management Consultation

I can send you the card by post / drop it off for you to collect somewhere in Monaghan or Clones / or I can send you an email version if that suits better.
How will you pay me? I’m not quite sure…I can probably send you an Invoice by Paypal if you have an account (or are willing to set one up)…Or you can pay me next time we meet…Christmas is nearly upon us so let’s not worry about trifles…

Lot’s of wholesome goodies coming up in the New Year …so straight after posting this, I’ll update my ‘Diary’ page so you can see what’s on offer.
Lest you get there before me I can tell you what’s happening in January:
‘Relax, Recharge, Renew’ a One Day Mindfulness and Yoga Retreat on Sat 18th in Canal Stores Clones
New session of 10 Yoga Classes starting Thursday 23rd, 7 – 8.30pm, also Canal Stores

But more on all of this later…
Meanwhile, I hope you are well as the festive season approaches…I hope you have some beautiful time with family and friends, enjoy the razzle dazzle to whatever extent you’re into all of that….and hope you get some nourishing and restorative downtime as well!
Wishing you lots of festive love,