Yoga restarting Thurs 23 Jan, 2020

‘We practise yoga so we can live in the world without losing touch with what is deep inside’      Peter Hersnack 1948-2016

Looking forward to new term in Canal Stores: Thurs 23 Jan, 7.00 to 8.30pm

What kind of Yoga?
Those of you who know my teaching will know that I tend to emphasise Yoga’s potential to bring calm and order to the nervous system. Rather than aiming to achieve particular postures, I encourage a sense of curiosity and an exploration of how it’s possible to find spaciousness and ease within the body; a quality of gentle, even compassionate attention to moment to moment experience. I do my best to offer this in an atmosphere of calm, safety and pleasure…with a view to supporting nervous regulation.

Lest all of that sounds a bit nebulous I assure you that this gentle way of working yields very real benefits….and if you’re thinking of investing your time and energy, you can quite rightly expect some changes for the better!
The benefits of practising in this calm unhurried way include:

  •  greater physical ease and mobility / less muscle tension
  •  healthier breathing patterns
  •  a more robust immune system
  •  reduced pain – particularly backache
  •  better regulation of chronic conditions – such as high blood pressure, migraine headaches
  • improved sleep
  •  greater mental clarity, emotional balance and improved ability to handle stress

I could go on, but I think you get the gist … it’s good for you!
Truth is that difficulties in the categories listed above are always in part due to nervous system dysregulation (something to do with our frazzled lifestlyes?), therefore supporting our nervous system back to regulation is really a no-brainer!

As I think ahead to this term phrases that are showing up for me are ‘finding ease in movement and in stillness’, ‘peaceful embodiment’ …and Peter’s words ‘learning to live in the world without losing touch with what is deep inside’
It’s going to be calming, nourishing, restorative – can’t wait to get started!

Venue: Canal Stores Clones
Starting: Thurs 23 January, 2020
Time: 7.00 to 8.30
Cost: €100 for 10 weeks
Booking is essential…especially as I’m doing only one class this term.
You can contact me on 086 8120332 or
Enquiries / Questions? Love to hear from you…






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