Thank you YFNI!

I enjoyed my day in Belfast yesterday so much – I feel rather guilty – is one supposed to enjoy work so much? Did I work hard enough? It was a lovely day and thank you so much, both to those who did the work of organising and to those who were so graciously present. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!
As promised, I am putting up rough outlines of the practices we shared – hoping these help to jog the memory of those who wish to remember. I hope also that if you do the practices again, you will have a living experience – once more, allowing each moment to be born afresh…..
Opening Practice ,   Midday,   Closing Practice
(Suggestion – after viewing any of these files, I suggest you press the back button to return to the page. If you press close, you leave the site –  I’ll have to find out how to sort this.)

That’s it – I hope I have up-loaded 3 files.
If you have any problem accessing these, please let me know  ( and I can send to you by email.
If you have questions – I’ll be delighted to elucidate…in fact, I eagerly await your questions!

Warm wishes to all,

PS: I hope you are remembering your ‘I am here’ mantra!

2 thoughts on “Thank you YFNI!

  1. Hi Mairead

    Just to say that I really enjoyed the day you gave us up here in Belfast last Sat (10th Nov) too. I have been using the practice a lot and have noticed great results. The sense of physical space created has allowed that deeper, more esoteric space to develop….thank you for an enlightening day and another important slice of advice for the journey!

    Om Shanti

    Lisa Copeland, YFNI

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Lovely to hear of your positive experience – thank you!
      My teacher Peter Hersnack says that we do yoga postures so that we can live in the world without being cut off from what is deep inside ‘so that what is profound in us can find a place to live and express itself’. Sounds like you are having an experience of this. Enjoy!

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