More important visitors this Spring!

You may remember last year we had some important visitors around this time…
Both Queen Elizabeth and Barack Obama created a very positive buzz – most would agree that they lifted our hearts in a time when positivity was in short supply.

This Spring again we are priviledged by two important leaders – not political leaders, not figures of power on the world stage, but leaders of hearts, and inspirational figures for humanity’s inner journey….

MARTINE BATCHELOR ….. a delightfully humourous, skillful and compassionate meditation teacher with whom I did a 7-day retreat in Devon last summer, is leading a 2-day retreat in Oscailt, Ballsbridge on 26 and 27 May.
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THICH NHAT HANH… famous Vietnamese Zen Master (author of ‘Miracle of Mindfulness) is giving an evening talk in Dublin Convention Centre April 11 and a 4-day retreat in Killarney April 12 -15
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Check them out. If you want your heart to be lifted in a different way this spring. If you are looking for some inspiration/ encouragement to keep your inner life on track, they may be just what you need. But even if you don’t get there in person, I am sure their presence and the practice they lead will have a ripple effect on all of us!

Being here – the source of our radiance and vitality!

When the Buddha was travelling around teaching, he was once asked ‘Why are your followers so radiant?’

He answered ‘Because they don’t dwell in the past, nor do they hanker after the future. Those who dwell in the past or hanker after the future are like green leaves cut down and left in the sun – they dry up and wither’

So in meditation, we’re invited to really be here in this very moment, and look to this moment as the source of our vitality and radiance. Not just when we’re sitting on the meditation but when we’re eating our breakfast, driving to work, walking the dog, taking a shower, drinking a cup of tea, chatting with a friend.
Why not experiment – whatever you are doing right now – can you allow this moment to nourish you…..


For whatever reason you are visiting here today, I can assume like me that you are interested in ‘wellness’ and the many associations this lovely word can carry. As I was thinking about how to welcome you, just looking at the word ‘wellness’ I was reminded that it contains another lovely word ‘well’ – a source of fresh, nourishing water, given freely by nature and essential for life. Surely this is a key to ‘wellness’ for all of us – finding the appropriate ‘well’, finding whatever source of nourishment and support our life needs right now.

If you look around at the various buttons, you will see that I am interested in a few ‘wells’ myself – Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Reflexology to name but a few. From time to time, I’ll post details of what ever classes, courses I am currently offering. This will be bare-bones information, so if you want to know more, or have a chat about what might suit you, please do send me an email, or give me a call.

I intend to also post reflections, quotations, book reviews – just about anything that I think might be of interest or inspiration to others who are on their own ‘ways to wellness’. I hope you find something interesting/nourishing here. Most of all I hope you have time to leave a comment and perhaps flag up something that might be interesting/nourishing to me!

Wherever you are and whatever is going on in your life, I hope that you find whatever is the right ‘well’ for you today!