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Welcome to Ways to Wellness. My name is Mairead Flynn.  Since I first stepped on a Yoga mat somewhere back in the late 1960’s(!), I have been involved in body-mind approaches to health and well being. On this site you will find up-to-date information on classes and courses I’m offering….but if you don’t find what you’re looking for here – or indeed if I have failed to update – please give me a call 086 8120332. 

Group Classes and Individual Tuition
As you have probably noticed there are many approaches to yoga -the  emphasis may be on developing strength and aerobic fitness, on the achievement of certain yoga postures or at the other end of the spcectum it may encourage spacing out/switching off etc…all of these have their own benefits and may be exactly what a person needs at a particular time.

I tend to teach somewhat differently however, putting  emphasis on Yoga’s potential to bring calm and order to the nervous system, thus supporting the whole system (body, mind, emotional responses) to work just as its meant to.

My style of teaching is informed by my training in mindfulness, stress management, modern brain science and understanding of  trauma). Rather than coaching and coaxing students to achieve particular yoga postures I tend to encourage a sense of curiosity and exploration where people can experience an opening of space  and ease within the body. My aim is to help people develop a quality of gentle, even compassionate attention to whatever they are experiencing in the moment. I do my best to offer this in an atmosphere of calm, safety and pleasure…just what the nervous system needs! 

I work with individuals helping them to explore ways to mange and reduce the symptoms of trauma and accumulated stress. My approach is based on training in Stress Management, Somatic Experiencing and Gestalt, Mindfulness and my personal experience.
If you’re curious about how this work might help you, do get in touch – we can chat on the phone or arrange to meet for an introductory session.
(Information about Somatic Experiencing  and Gestalt coming soon….watch this space!)

At the moment I am taking a break from organising 8 week Mindfulness Courses myself, but I continue to teach for the ETB and local community groups.
I also run regular days of Mindfulness – see Current Events and Diary for details.
And  Mindfulness continues to be a key ingredient in everything I do with groups and individuals.
If you’re curious whether anything is happening in your area, or you’d like to organise some sessions for your group, just give me buzz.

Relaxing foot massage to support health and well being
By appointment – call me for details.


Mostly I work in Monaghan and Clones. Individual appointments are usually on Monday afternoons, all day Tuesday, some Fridays and Saturdays. I do my best to accommodate clients and their schedules. 
If you have any questions about my work and how it might help you, or indeed if you wish to book a place in class, or arrange and individual session, give me a call 086 8120332. I’ll be delighted to hear from you!


2 responses to “WELCOME!

  1. Maureen says:

    Hi Mairead , can you add me to your mailing list? I am interested in your day courses next summer.
    All the best,

    • mflynnm says:

      Good to hear from you Maureen. Happy to put you on the mailing list. And if you ‘follow’ the website, you’ll get all updates – perhaps you have already done that. Warm wishes for now, Mairead

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